‘Justice League’ fights ‘Mission Impossible 6’ about a moustache…….

.......and by day he was a civil servant with a penchant for dressing up as superheroes.......'

With Justice League having opened almost everywhere to decidedly mixed reviews talks much has been made about what original director Zack Snyder shot, before he left the production due to a terrible personal tragedy, and the footage which Joss Whedon shot, which centres on Henry Cavill’s (Man of Steel) moustache.

Filming on Justice League ended in February 2017 by which time Cavill has begun working on ‘Mission Impossible 6‘ for which he had grown a moustache and was contractually bound to not shave it off for the duration of the filming. Unfortunately the Justice League reshoots clashed with Mission Impossible 6’s shoot  and so the visual effects people on League had to digitally remove it and due to the rushed post-production to meet its release date it meant that the visual effects artists didn’t have as much time as they would have liked to finish it to the standard they wanted. Consequently there are some shots in the film which are something of a giveaway as to which ones Whedon shot and which ones Snyder shot.

Apparently Warner Brothers even offered to pay Paramount to have Cavill shave it off and then add the facial hair to the actor’s face via CGI when he returned to shoot “Mission: Impossible 6” with the VFX team even sending over some hair samples and claiming that digitally adding facial hair was much easier than removing it.

In the end Cavill ended up keeping his moustache saying that the stunts he had to do in Mission Impossible 6 would have been ….um….impossible to add his moustache digitally.

We’ll see when the film is released on 27th JULY 2018.


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