Predictions for 2017 Best Actress and Supporting Actress Oscars nominations…….


We did a little piece recently on Scorsese’s new film ‘Silence’ which is likely to be an Oscar contender next year and we thought we’d have a look at the likely nominations for lead & supporting actresses because there have been some exceptional performances this already with some films about to be released over the next couple of months.

Starting with best supporting actress one likely contender is sure to be Michelle Williams in Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘Manchester By The Sea’. If we said anything about he role in the film would spoil the film but there is one scene with Casey Affleck that hits you like a punch in the face or in the Editors glass of water when you were expecting  strong lager. It is incredible.

Giving her a run for her money will be Naomie Harris as a crack addict mum in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight. Add to this Nicole Kidman ‘Lion’ and Octavia Spencer in ‘Hidden Figures’ and the race is on.

So what about leading roles? At the moment Emma Stone is likely to be nominated for ‘La La Land’ with its premiere in in Venice wowing audiences with her all-singing, all-dancing turn. This could do for Stone what Silver Linings Playbook did for Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie, is another star turn with the actress as the First Lady in a stream-of-consciousness role which is utterly absorbing.



Amy Adams turns in yet another great performance as the traumatised linguistics genius assigned the job of trying to communicate with aliens whose intentions are unknown in ‘Arrival’  which is on of out favourite films this year and is again directed by Denis Villeneuve who directed ‘Sicario’ our favourite film of last year. Add to the list Ruth Negga as Mildred Loving, in ‘Loving‘ the true story of a woman who along with her husband faced oppression for their interracial marriage in the South in the late 1950s. After last years OscarsTooWhite furore this is a very strong contender.  A much more in your face role and typical of its director Paul Verhoeven is Isabelle Huppert as a rape victim out for revenge in ‘Elle’. Finally Jessica Chastain’s dislikeable portrayal of a gifted Washington lobbyist in, ‘Miss Sloane’. And of course almost inevitably Meryl Streep ould make it a 20th nomination for a tone-deaf wartime soprano in ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ (see out YouTube channel for interviews with the director and screenwriter of the film).

One last mention also for Viola Davis in Denzel Washington’s Broadway adaptation ‘Fences’ which we’ve not seen yet but what you can see in the trailer is utterly enthralling and hints at what looks like an immensely moving performance (she does real tears & snot in the trailer!). Equally with all the fuss about Brad and Ange eyes will also be on Marion Cotillard in Robert Zemeckis’ wartime romantic thriller ‘Allied’ too.

The best actress list will be difficult to whittle down because apart from those we’ve also mentioned there’s also Annette Bening in ’20th Century Women’, Kate Beckinsale in ‘Love & Friendship’  Rachel Weisz in ‘Denial’, and  Sonia Braga in Aquarius’  which admittedly is a foreign language film (Brazil).

Too early to pick an obvious stand out contender and it’s a few months before the official nominations are announced but let us know if there’s any you think we’ve missed……


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