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One More Shot - Scott Adkins takes on an army of mercenaries

One More Shot is a sequel to One Shot where martial arts maestro Scott Adkins again plays navy SEAL, Jake Harris. That first film saw him and his team fending off a team of terrorists trying to capture a prisoner from a CIA black site island prison with a determination not seen since Prince Andrew tried to get to Epstein island after an invitation read, ‘Hors d’oeuvres will be served up to all guests’ because he thought it was a spelling mistake.

This sequel picks up 12 hours later and sees Harris ordered to escort the same prisoner Amin Mansoor (Waleed Elgadi) to Washington DC for interrogation. The stakes are now far higher with a dirty bomb hidden somewhere in the city and primed to go off at the same time as the State of the Union address on Capital Hill. In a bid to put the pressure on Mansoor and reveal the bombs location the CIA have bought his heavily pregnant wife along in a bid to persuade him.

But for Harris, having lost the members of his own team, he is only too glad to sign Mansoor over to the CIA and Homeland security led by Agent Lomax (Alexis Knapp) and CIA lead agent Mike Marshall (Tom Berenger) but just as he does so the airport comes under attack by an army of heavily armed mercenaries keen to get hold of their prisoner themselves. The loss of Mansoor would mean never being able to locate the ticking bomb and Harris swoops into action escorting Mansoor and his wife through the airport in a bid to keep them safe whilst all hell breaks out around them as the mercenaries chase them through the airport terminal.

Like the first film the title here refers more to the filmmaking process because like that first film this is filmed seemingly in one continuous shot and it works well taking you right into the heart of the action in a manner not dissimilar to the Call of Duty game franchise. The action is relentlessly exhausting and Scott Adkins is ideally cast as the Navy Seal with the film acting as a show case for his impressive martial arts skills which ultimately leads to a climactic smack down with Michael Jai White, himself stranger to action films. But after a number of impressively realized action set pieces all filmed in one shot their faceoff is all over too quickly for fans who want to see two of action cinemas leading exponents go mano-a-mano.

Adkins is as convincing as ever as the one man fighting force as he tries to keep Mansoor and wife safe whilst trying to locate the dirty bomb. Berenger and White are good in support although Alexis Knapp as Agent Lomax is something of an irritant to the ears with the sort of whiney voice frequency that’s one step from fingernails on blackboard. But director James Nunn keeps the action and fire fights propelled breathlessly through the airport terminal and its impressively captured most notably in an early car chase which sees the camera moved through a vehicle window.  Whereas the first film found Harris under siege this is more of a chase movie and for a low budget independent film this is an far better than might ever expect it to be maintaining a momentum that bigger budgeted films fail to achieve. One More Shot hits all the right beats and if a presumed final part to the trilogy maintains the standard and ambition of the first two films then Hollywood is surely calling for director James Nunn.

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One More Shot is on Sky Cinema from 12th January 2024


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