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The Night Clerk – TRAILER

Now our Editor is a keen follower of the rather gorgeous Ana de Armas in fact such a keen follower that he's has an...

Knives Out – REVIEW

Recently we found our office overrun by a smell so rank that we have had to evacuate and the police putting in a mile...

The Informer – REVIEW

So we get a lot movie news tidbits sent to us notably from one informer the most recent being that Gemma Collins is in...

Director Adrian Lyne makes his first film since 2002…….

Director Adrian Lyne had a string of hit films from the 1980's into the early 1990's starting with 'Flashdance' the everyday story of a...

The Informer – TRAILER

Landing on our desk is The Informer trailer which looks pretty good. 'Is it about an Informer?' we hear you cry. Well we're glad...