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David Earl chats to us about Apocalypse Clown…….

David Earl is probably best known for his work on Ricky Gervais TV series 'Derek' and 'After Life' and regularly pops up on bloopers...

Win a Brian and Charles blu-ray…….

Directed by Jim Archer, based on his acclaimed short film from 2017, this charming, surreal comedy features David Earl as Brian a lonely inventor...

Brian and Charles – BLU-RAY / DVD

Probably best known for his work as a supporting actor on several Ricky Gervais series notably Derek and After Life, actor David Earl has...

Being a robot in Brian and Charles….

Brian and Charles, a film that follows the friendship of Brian a lonely inventor and his robot Charles has been written by David Earl...

Brian and Charles – REVIEW

Everyone remembers that odd kid they were in school with who did daft things like swapping his Xbox for a Kit Kat or collecting...

Brian and Charles – TRAILER

So you might not be familiar with the name David Earl but you will know his face from Ricky Gervais TV series having had...