Why George Miller had to make Furiosa…..

Furiosa review - the Mad Max saga continues with a prequel.....

With the release of a new poster and the film to premiere at Cannes in May the PR machine is ramping up and we find out Why George Miller had to make Furiosa in a recent interview the director did in Comic Con Las Vegas. Ultimately he admitted that he made a fifth film  “because they’re very addictive.”

Explaining why George Miller had to make Furiosa…..“In order to tell the story of Fury Road … we had to understand everything about what we see on the screen. Not only the backstory of every character, but every prop, every vehicle. … It wasn’t a bible — we wrote the story of Furiosa in the 15 or 16 years of her life before we meet her in Fury Road, we wrote a story about Max in the year before he got there and so on. They ended up being a screenplay and one was a novella. We did it just for the actors and the crew so they could understand it. So when Fury Road worked, I thought, ‘This is a rich story to tell.’ It’s different — you don’t want a film to be a repetition of what you’ve just done, it has to be uniquely familiar, as I like to say, and that led to Furiosa.”

Anya Taylor-Joy plays the title character first played by Charlize Theron in Fury Road and Miller said he’d seen Taylor-Joy in Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho. “There’s something about her … something mystical but accessible. I learned that she was somebody very, very disciplined,” and also had been a ballet dancer, as was Theron. Having also worked on Happy Feet with dancers, Miller said he “understood the emotional discipline as well as the physical discipline they had, so all of that led to Anya being Furiosa.”

For the role of Dr. Dementus, Miller said he’d “never thought of Chris [Hemsworth] until we met and we talked. I realized he was somebody who has a lot more dimensions to him than I had initially thought. I think for me he is, as they say in Australia, the complete article.”

Furiosa opens on 22nd May 2024

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