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Death on the Nile – REVIEW

Despite 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express (read our review HERE) having plush production values, an all star cast (see them at the World...

Jennifer Saunders and Judi Dench together at last!

We've always been fans of Jennifer Saunders (her voicing of fairy godmother in Shrek 2 is genius) well now she is to star alongside...

Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile cast…….

2017's star studded remake of Murder on the Orient Express was a huge hit earning $352m worldwide so turn now turns to another Agatha...

New ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ trailer

As promised yesterday here's the first proper trailer for Jennifer Saunders film of the hit TV series, 'Absolutely Fabulous'. The plot seems to revolve around...

The Absolutely Fabulous movie cameo roles revealed…….

ith our Editor believing that Primark is the height of designer fashion the imminent release of the new Absolutely Fabulous movie on 1st July...