Thinking of making your own pirate video at the cinema…….?


The screenings that we attend, particularly the big blockbusters, are pretty closely monitored for people idiotically trying to film the film their watching and put it online. There was a time a few years ago when you even had to hand your phone into security and pick it up afterwards though frankly any critic stupid enough to do this should be forced to watch ‘Dirty Grandpa’ on a loop as punishment

Piracy is still a big problem for the industry and its costs the industry hundreds of millions and a new unit has been formed to prevent illegal filming during theatrical screeningsThe UK’s Film Distributors’ Association (FDA) has announced the launch of a new anti-piracy unit, the Film Content Protection Agency (FCPA) and will focus on preventing the sourcing of illegal feature film copies during theatrical screenings in the UK, which are a key source of pirated feature film material worldwide.

Experts from the UK’s Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) will be joining the new unit in London but will operate countrywide. The recent decision to bring the work in-house and focus uniquely on the UK theatrical sector was due to changes in the nature of international content piracy in the digital age and evolving efforts to combat it. The UK is a major source of pirate copies due to the popularity of English-language versions and the new unit  will work with law enforcements agencies, cinema operators and staff countrywide and will involve educating cinema operators and staff on best practices to prevent illegal filming. A rewards scheme for staff who identify & disrupt people doing this is being developed to make it worthwhile.

So if you’ve ever done this…then watch out…their out to get you and the penalities are pretty harsh an be involve both financial and custodial sentences.



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