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Where did they find that village in The Equalizer 3

village in The Equalizer 3 - Where they found it

The Bond film locations are enviable and No Time to Die filmed at Spiaggia Cent’Ammari, Matera, for a dramatic car chase scene, as Bond drives his car through the tiny roads of the town and Gravina where  Bond jumps onto an aqueduct to escape, following the car chase sequence and consequently the village is inundated with tourists and fans. That village in The Equalizer 3 is likely to find the same but where did they find that village?

Production designer Naomi Shohan (Training Day, Equalizer 1 and 2) was charged with finding the town that Richardson would capture. “In the script, it’s a very small town, separate from everywhere else; the script had a mountain looming above and the sea at its edge. That brings you to a particular part of Italy, the west coast. But we looked all over Southern Italy, looking for an atmosphere that seemed right, and chose Atrani.”

Not only did Atrani have the mountain and the sea – it had the intimacy. “I’m told by the people who live there that two families comprise 90% of the inhabitants,” Shohan says. “That’s what Robert McCall is supposed to come into – we wanted him to come to a place where the level of human communion is so unlike his life in Boston, where he was isolated and could remain isolated and invisible. Not possible in a little town like Atrani.”

village in The Equalizer 3 - Where they found it

But it wasn’t just feel – the nuts and bolts of actually shooting there were also in place. “The whole movie was expressed in the geography of the town,” she says. For example, the church reachable only by hundreds of stone steps. “It became an emblem, a symbol of McCall’s healing,” she continues. “He has a goal to be able to climb that far. He would be well if he could get that far up the hill.”

…..and that’s where they found that village in The Equalizer 3

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