Who else was in the running for THAT Quantumania cameo ?


It was screenwriter Jeff Loveness whose work had included scripting for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rick & Morty and the 2017 Oscars ceremony who got the call from his agent to attend a meeting with Marvel in early 2020. It was only when he walked into the room and saw director Peyton Reed there that he twigged what film the meeting would be about. But the opening gambit to the screenwriter was, “Do you have a take on Kang the Conqueror?” It was a quite a question but it was his mind bending time travel and sci-fi work on Rick & Morty that had caught the eye of the film makers and was especially relevant for a writer about to undertake the studios multiverse story lines that reached across a whole load of the superhero films. But like so many of Marvel films there’s been an increasing number of cameos and surprise appearances by well known actors but just who was in contention for THAT Quantumania cameo?

 ******* SPOILER ALERT *******

Director Peyton Reed and the cast introduce the Ant Man premiere

Talking about THAT Quantumania cameo Loveness said, ”There was a couple of names tossed about. I don’t know if I can even say. I think in my in the back of my head, I had [“What We Do in the Shadows” star] Matt Berry in mind. I just love that guy so much. But obviously once Bill Murray came around, you kind of molded the voice to him. It’s almost like a Bob Hope cameo in an old movie: Just give him four minutes of runway, let him do his thing, boost the elevation a little bit, and let him get out. Matt Berry was a choice, and I’m just a big Steve Martin fan, but I don’t think that ever got too far. I think Murray pulled it off pretty great.’

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