Why A-list stars are turning against ‘influencers’…..


Known for cluttering up the red carpet premieres, derided by film journalists and treated with disdain by genuine stars, the ‘influencers’ are finding themselves regarded more and more as a vacuous liggers with little if any discernible reason for their presence at these events. It is one of several reasons why A-list stars are turning against those who call themselves ‘influencers’ whereas many call them ‘unemployable’. The rise of social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity making way for the influencers…and there have been some bizarre claims to fame that have included a singing dentist and another with a stuffed pug dog! It’s little wonder that young people regard being an influencer as a career choice.

A-list stars are reportedly and increasingly tired of having to go down a red carpet behind somebody who can at best be described as ‘a talent vacuum’ or as our Editor describes them ‘a bunch of feckless tosspots’! and recently a PR that we know told us that they ‘f**king hate them!’ Stars are now going on record expressing their disdain including Jennifer Aniston and Oscar nominee Ana de Armas who said that social media has ruined the “concept of a movie star” for new generations because “that mystery is gone.” Aniston has commented on the “mass-fame phenomenon,” saying, “I feel like it’s dying. There are no more movie stars. There’s no more glamour. Even the Oscar parties used to be so fun.”

And yet despite the influencers having no obvious discernible talent several ‘content creators’ (as some to choose to call themselves) are working to branch out and find their spot in Hollywood, alongside industry veterans who have spent their entire career often spanning decades fine tuning their art. And yet with Harry & Meghan labelled as a pair of ‘f**king grifters’ by a Spotify CEO they are the poster couple for the influencers and there are now several who have made inroads into Hollywood careers.

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source: Hollywood Reporter


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