Will there be a ‘Man of Steel 2’?

Batman suddenly noticed that Superman wasn't wearing any pants

With ‘Batman v Superman’ effectively starting with the ending of ‘Man of Steel’ (and there’s an argument to be had that BvS was really ‘Man of Steel 2’) the producer Charles Roven was asked about the liklihood of a standalone ‘Man of Steel 2’ film and his reply was as follows:

Roven: “We’re in the process of looking at that, but we don’t have it on the schedule at the moment because we’re quite busy with the movies that we have scheduled.”

Those movies would include, Wonder Woman, Justice League & Aquaman but its hard to see Warners not progressing with Man of Steel 2 at some point but it may be further away than fans may want…….

Henry Cavill is keen to do it and seems to have escaped what is called ‘the curse of Superman’ whereby most who have played the part have not ended well.

George Reeves who played him from1952 to 1958 on TV died of a gunshot wound at age 45 under disputed circumstances (officially ruled a suicide)

His namesake Christopher Reeve tragically was paralysed from a horseriding accident ultimately ending his career and passing away in 2004.

Dean Cain found huge success on TV in the role but whose career never recovered to the same level of success after the series was cancelled.

Likewise with Brandon Routh who made the one film ‘Superman Returns’ in 2006 but has since been mostly working in TV.

As for Henry Cavill……watch this space…. but he seems to being doing OK with BvS having already made almost $700m after almost 2 weeks.


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