Bond 25 loses its director plus its release date too…..


The film world was left shaken and stirred (see what we did there?) when it was announced that Bond 25 director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting 2)was leaving the production over the ubiquitous, ‘creative differences’. But now it seems that the film is not only looking for a new director but also a new release date as it’s unlikely the filming will now start on the expected December 8th 2018.  In fact filming would have to start by early January at the latest to make its release date of November 9, 2019.

Bond 25 danny boyle oscar

So first off it seems that those creative difference came down to Daniel Craig having veto over casting which in this case was Boyle wanting Polish actor Tomasz Kot to play the Russian villain. Craig disagreed wanting a big name so Boyle walked. Craig also has final say on who his Bond girls will be too….which can’t be a bad perk of the job. It’s not the first time Craig has fallen out with a Bond director as rumours surfaced that relations between him and Sam Mendes were strained on the ‘Spectre’ set.

Bond 25 tomasz kot

Craig is rumoured to have been paid $25m for his return to the role in Bond 25 as well as creative control and had wanted Boyle to direct the film after they had worked on the Bond set piece for the Olympic opening ceremony.

Boyle’s screenwriter John Hodge had over hauled the original Bond 25 script by regulars Neal Purvis & Robert Wade. But it now seems that neither script will be used and the producers will be looking for a writer-director hybrid which means a natural delay and it being highly unlikely to start filming on December 8th 2017 so as to hit its winter 2019 date – which all the Bind films have done since Goldeneye.

The implications are huge. For a start all the contracts for the products (cars, watches etc) may have to be renegotiated depending on whatever script is finally made. Locations and studios booked in advance go into turnaround and are cancelled or postponed. And of course there’s a new director to be found. We say give Christopher Nolan a go but he’s already said he’s only interested in starting with a new actor in the role. Christopher McQuarrie has also been mentioned after the huge success of Mission Impossible Fallout but he’s said that he wants to do an original film next rather than a franchise film. Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049) is another name who was a front runner but he’ll be tied up with the Dune reboot for quite some time. The other contenders we spoke about here and we said that Boyle amongst other left field choices was an outsider here way when we spoke about it way back in June 2016.

So Bond 25 could well be at least a year off again before production begins which would mean a Winter 2020 release a whole five years between films one of the longest there’s ever been.

OK, sing it…Let the Skyfall, Let the Skyfaaaaallllllll (You’re fired! – Ed)



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