Don’t tell anyone…….it’s a secret!

0 that moment she knew it was too late to tell him about her incontinence problem......

Secret Cinema

Those in the know will be aware of Secret Cinema, a great immersive cinema experience presenting classic modern films in their own purpose built environment at a secret location. Their last presentation was ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ complete with stormtroopers et al but in the past they’ve done ‘Back to the Future’ recreating the 50’s era of Marty McFly.

Their next one is at the end of April and its going to be ’28 days Later’ but the big presentation this year in the Summer, following huge demand, Secret Cinema will bring back one of its most loved experiences of the past 5 years, creating a fully immersive world of ‘Dirty Dancing’ in a secret outdoor London location.

Audiences will book a room at Kellerman’s Holiday Resort, to follow Baby’s lead and dance like everyone is watching. They will be transported back to the Summer of 1963, to re-live this iconic film once more, off and on screen. Join Baby, Johnny and all of the staff at Kellerman’s for a long, hot Summer evening like no other.

‘Nobody leaves baby in the corner’ goes the famous line fortunately for the AnyGoodFilms? writers everyone leaves the Editor in the corner for no other reason than he’s usually blind drunk and wearing his pants on his head.

These are the dates:

Dates: 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th July 2016

Arrival Times: from 6pm (Fridays) and 5pm (Saturdays & Sundays)


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