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Made back in 2018 by husband and wife directing duo Brian & Laurence Avenet-Bradley, Echoes of Fear is their latest in a series of low budget horror flicks that started way back in 2001. Starting in Psycho shower scene territory it has a grandfather taking a shower before something in the house introduces him to his maker and his estate is left to his granddaughter Alisa (Trista Robinson) who inherits the house.  It’s an unusual house seemingly built on a slope (it’s actually the director’s  own home) she goes to the house in preparation for selling it so she and her boyfriend can set up home elsewhere. So from the moment she sets foot inside things start going bump in the night…. and the day.  Right from the off you know all is not well because of the incessant ominous music on the soundtrack and just about every cinematic trick in the book is played to up the scares. Many of these work well but it is almost relentless for the first hour that it has you yelling , ‘Get out of the house!’ There’s little light relief in this and the film has a number of the usual horror tropes with even the  odd elderly neighbour David (Marshal Hilton) a man with emphysema and carting round an oxygen tank with tubes up his nose but yet he still smokes cigarettes – the equivalent of suffering from appalling diarrhoea whilst at the same time glugging castor oil and prunes.

Joseph's Review: Echoes of Fear – The Scariest Things

As with most new homeowners Alisa is frequently uncovering problems with the house as everything seems to be going wrong with it from the plumbing  – a bath keeps filling up with black water to the house intercom emitting strange sounds. Workmen run in terror when they attend, the worst boy friend ever leaves after a couple of days instead telling her she’s got to stay (we’re guessing he’d taken out a life insurance policy on her) and her best friend Steph (Hannah Race) clears off when there’s clearly something not right about the house.  For the most part Echoes of Fear plays as a series of creepy moments and jump scares some of which work better than others and there’s little story development until the last half hour where the film has Alisa and Steph clambering into the walls of the house and for once not finding dog eared copies of Razzle that the builders have left behind and the final explanation for the spooky shenanigans is enough to make you go, ‘Eeeeeuuw!’


Echoes of Fear channels a load of other movies from The Grudge, Amityville Horror, Paranormal Activity to Halloween  and actress Trista Robinson, who has something of Christina Ricci about her, does what she can with a role that under normal circumstances would have had any lone woman fleeing from the house like a diabetic from a Krispy Kreme store yet here Alisa seems remarkably together and whilst Echoes of Fear is nothing new it is a competently made low budget horror.

Here’s the Echoes of Fear trailer…….



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