The investigation into Anton Yelchin’s death…….


The parents of actor Anton Yelchin, who tragically died in an accident when he was pinned to a postbox and security fence by his Jeep Grand Cherokee, have now filed papers at the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging the auto giant (as well as others) were responsible for their son’s wrongful death.

His jeep had been subject to a recall as the manufacturer had become aware of a gearstick defect that meant the car could roll away after drivers believed the vehicle was parked which is what appears to have happened to Yelchin and his parents claim the car manufacturer failed to address the gearstick matter in a timely or adequate manner.

At present police and Fiat Chrysler are still investigating the incident but the lawyer for the parents (who in true US style held a press conference) stated that a recall notice had not been found at the actors possession although it is thought that Fiat Chrysler sent a reminder to the actor’s address one week after his death.

The actor died intestate and his parents have also applied to court to be named as administrators of their son’s $1.3m estate.


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