Gladiator 2 accident…..


Anticipation is high for the long awaited sequel Gladiator 2 now shooting with a cast that includes Oscar-nominee Paul Mescal, Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington and Connie Nielsen and dir4cted by Ridley Scott. But a report of a Gladiator 2 accident has come in where several crew members have been injured whilst filming a stunt sequence for the film.

A spokesman for Paramount, the studio making the film, has said, “While filming a planned stunt sequence on the set of the ‘Gladiator’ sequel, an accident occurred during which several crew members experienced non-life-threatening injuries,” 

“The safety and full medical services teams on-site were able to act quickly so that those who were impacted immediately received necessary care. They are all in stable condition and continue to receive treatment.”

A total of six people received treatment, four of whom remain in the hospital. All of the impacted crew members were treated for burn injuries, according to an individual with knowledge of the production. Two other crew members were treated locally and then discharged. The accident occurred towards the end of the shooting day. No cast members were harmed.

The original film tragically saw Oliver Reed pass away during the shoot requiring reshoots and some digital magic to recreate him for several scenes but the film was hugely successful earning nominations for Best Film and Best Director and made a star of Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix

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