Predator casting….

...he was praying hard that the hat would stay on his head....

Shane Black the scripting genius behind the Lethal Weapon franchise as well as the megahit Iron Man 3 is going to be directing a new predator film and is trying to persuade Schwarzneggar to reprise his role. Black himself was in the original so he’s come full circle to returning to direct this time.

No one as yet has been cast but (c)rapper 50 Cnt has let slip on a recent radio interview that h’s going to be in it. As no formal announcement has been made yet it remains to be seen if this is true or not. However he must be hoping that it is as, having been declared bankrupt recently, it would seem that his name that his (c)rap moniker is a true reflection of how much is in his bank account at the moment.

In fact a CONNECTICUT bankruptcy judge told him that if he’s pleading poverty he needs to start behaving like he is telling him “There is nothing funny going on here. This is all very serious business. I am not trying to impede on anyone’s right to exercise free speech. But I would appreciate it if we can keep the tone of this case very serious,” she warned in a Hartford courtroom on Wednesday.“You have all been advised. This is not funny,” she added.

50 Cent has posted photos on instagram of stacks of cash in his refrigerators and of him posing in front of a black BMW i8 with a toy model in front of it and the comment, “One for the little Boss, one for the BIG ONE.” The luxury ride retails for $140,000 and he’s decalred himself bankrupt to the debt of $28million. Ironically shortly before this the New York Times had declared that he had “exceptional business instincts” though he did rock up in court wearing ripped jeans and battered camouflage jacket.

The Editor has tried a similar technique by sitting in the street holding a cardboard sign saying, ‘Please give generously – office and staff to support’





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