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Predator 5 as it actually is will be called Prey as we reported HERE. and now we have to first glimpse with the arrival of...

Story behind the shot – Predator

Released in June 1987 'Predator' could have been an altogether different beast if Jean Claude Van Damme had continued to play the title role....

More Predator 5 news…….

After the disappointment and failure of The Predator it seemed that any further films in the franchise were dead in the water but taking...

The Predator – TRAILER

We've always liked the Predator films apart from Alien v Predator:Requiem, a film so dimly lit that it was like looking at the dark...

Predator reboot details…….

With Shane Black reading high with 'The Nice Guys' he's been asked about his future films especially the Predator script he'll be directing. In...

Predator casting….

Shane Black the scripting genius behind the Lethal Weapon franchise as well as the megahit Iron Man 3 is going to be directing a...