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Laddie : The Man behind the Movies – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Whilst many will at least of heard of actor Alan Ladd there’s far less who will have heard of Alan Ladd Jr or 'Laddie'...

Dave Prowse – OBITUARY

Dave Prowse was a bodybuilder and the Green Cross Code man but for nearly half his life he was known by nearly everyone as...

Making Waves : The Art of Cinematic Sound – REVIEW

It’s a mark of just how important sound and sound designers are when the likes of renowned directors Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg,  Ang Lee,...

Willow 2 anyone?

With the penchant for belated sequels suddenly appearing decades later a la Blade Runner 2049 it now seems that there will be a 'Willow...

Kenny Baker – Obituary

Only 3ft 8inches ( 112cm) tall Kenny Baker was to make an enormous impact on the film world in a role where his face...

Francis Ford Coppola

If you're a fan of director Francis Ford Coppola whose films include The Godfather trilogy (superb), Dracula (pretty good) and Jack (......urr...maybe not quite...