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Win a combi pack of Bones and All starring Timothee Chamalet

BONES AND ALL is available to own on Combi Pack Blu-ray and DVD from Monday 6th February and to celebrate, we are offering 1...

Bones and All – REVIEW

Whilst cannibal movies have always had a certain niche in film the cannibal road movie romance is perhaps even more niche as is the...

The French Dispatch – REVIEW

If anyone makes films that are almost instantly recognisable as his it is Wes Anderson and The French Dispatch is possibly his most Wes...


It’s well known that David Lynch’s 1984 version of Dune was catastrophically compromised (as outlined HERE) and bombed at the box office so it...

Beautiful Boy – TRAILER

So you can tell that the Oscars are getting ever closer with the studios releasing their heavyweight dramas and likely Oscar contenders the latest...