The Bob’s Burgers Movie – REVIEW


Starting in 2011 Bob’s Burgers was a quirky animated series about well….Bob obviously who runs his own dream restaurant, a burger outlet alongside his wife Linda and three children Tina, Gene and Louise in a hope of keeping the family together. Fans have been waiting for a big screen version and with the film having been held up in development for around five years we finally have a long awaited Bob’s Burgers Movie.

So Bob is still running his burger restaurant that seems constantly on the verge of financial ruin and falling behind on business loans he now finds the bank giving him seven days to make an outstanding monthly payment before they foreclose on him. With a busy summer planned ahead for the business Bob needs to stay open and all might have been fine if a giant sinkhole didn’t open directly outside the business front door. So whilst Bob & Linda try to keep Bob’s Burgers open to pay back the debt the kids find themselves embroiled in a mystery involving the landlord that could keep their Dad’s business open

Fans of the series will love the movie in what is ultimately an extended episode with the addition of musical numbers that are put to one side in the latter part of the film. There’s plenty of smart lines, so many in fact that it would reward a second viewing to pick up the ones that whizz by. The characters all get their moments to shine and the film reveals the story behind Louise’s knitted rabbit ears hat once and for all

But like the TV series this is warm and witty and though its unlikely to convert anyone new to the show its still stands on its own without any prior knowledge

Watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie trailer HERE


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