The Flash – REVIEW


Well credit where’s it due, Ezra Miller certainly knows how to bring attention to himself and in turn the films he stars in. Unfortunately it’s not the sort of attention that the studio wants and that the journey of The Flash to the big screen has certainly been marred by his erratic behaviour and arguably might be more interesting than this big screen venture turns out to be.

Ezra as Barry Allen starts off with a decent action packed opener as he saves the occupants of a collapsing maternity ward all in the time it takes for his corner shop to make him a sugar sweet sandwich that gives him the energy to run faster than the speed of light – that this is done to the track Electric by The Cult is a bonus with a band whose music, much like The Damned, should be used far more often.

But once the film settles into its plot where Barry is haunted by the death of his mother and the wrongful conviction of his father for her murder it begins to get a little pedestrian despite all the whizz bang action and CGI. As a forensic technician by day and superhero when called for, he believes that using his hyperspeed skills  he can go back in time to the fateful where relocating a tin of tomatoes is the MacGuffin that instigates the plot when he finds that rather than going back in time he has gone back to an alt-universe where he meets himself yet to be gifted the superpowers. For the majority of the film it’s the Ezra and Ezra show and Miller gives a two clearly defined personas of the same person. In one of the quirks of the film it plays on other things in the alt-universe namely the Back to the Future films where Eric Stoltz is still the lead rather than Michael J Fox.

But it’s this parallel universe that Barry/ Flash finds themselves in where General Zod (Michael Shannon)  is waging destruction on Earth with no one else from the Super League to assist in preventing this other than an alt-universe Batman the version here being Michael Keaton’s turn whose Bruce Wayne has taken a relaxed attitude to haircuts and  shaving and is almost unrecognisable at first until he does have a makeover to how we know usually know him and even then he veers towards being not dissimilar to Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors. But as revealed by the trailer his is one of many cameos that the film sells itself and there are many more from the Warners  back catalogue and for the superfans there are moments they will recognise notably from a notorious unproduced Superman script.

In words of the pomp power rockers Queen, ‘Flash!!  Ahhhh!! Saviour of the Universe!’  Well there’s been much expectation for this first Flash film  with one UK film poster quote believing ‘ this is the best DC superhero film yet’. They are of course wrong. That honour still belongs to Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ and though The Flash isn’t without its moments it’s unlikely to prove the saviour of Warner’s DC film universe.

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Here’s The Flash trailer…….


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