The latest on Kill Bill 3?


Over the thirty years that Quentin Tarantino has been making films there have been no end of suggestions about films he might make as part of his Tarantino-verse. One of the earliest was The Vega Brothers that would have seen Michael Madsen and John Travolta who respectively played on screen brothers in Reservoir Dosg and Pulp Fiction.It was one of many scripts that never came to fruition. But it was Kill Bill 3 that seems to have been the most wanted by fans fuelled further as recently as 2022 when Uma Thurman said,  “I can’t really tell you anything about it. I mean it has been discussed over the years. There was real thought about it happening, but very long ago. I don’t see it as immediately on the horizon,” she said during an appearance on The Jess Cagle Show.

But it comes down to the writer director himself who has admitted in the past to taking to the actress about ideas that never made it into the first two films that included possibly having her ex-husband Ethan Hawke along for a third film or more likely was that the film would feature Uma Thurman’s on screen daughter.  But the director recently put the Kill Bill 3  rumours to bed when he told a reporter, “I don’t see that. My last film is about a film critic, a male critic. And he plays in the 70s,”

Kill Bill’s 20th anniversary is later this year and will be released for Home Entertainment with a new remastered 4K edition as well as the other usual formats to be confirmed

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