Finally a BioShock film……..


Whilst there have been no end of video game film adaptations several of the  biggest games have not gone that route notably Call of Duty and also Grand Theft Auto. But one of the longest standing games  that has been on the verge of a film adaptation is a BioShock film, a game released in 2007 and which has sold in its millions and spawned two sequels that took in action, sci-fi and horror. Hollywood was immediately interested. Director Gore Verbinski was to helm an adaptation and Peter Jackson was also to have a go too. Both of their versions disappeared due primarily to the huge budgets and its intended certification. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo came within months of shooting when the game makers themselves pulled the plug.

Well now Netflix (of course) are going to stump up the cash for a BioShock film and have partnered with Take-Two Interactive, the game’s parent company, to develop what they hope will be a potential cinematic universe. Video game adaptations have done good business for the streamer with The Witcher doing extremely well for them. No writer or filmmaker is on board at this time. The partnership deal has been in the works for almost a year.

For those not in the know BioShock was a first-person shooter game featuring a crumbling underwater city named Rapture, its society fragmented in a civil war with many inhabitants addicted or using a genetically-enhancing serum that gives people powers while also living in fear from Big Daddies, mutated humans who have been merged with diving suits. Into this world is dropped the game’s protagonist, Jack, a survivor of a mysterious plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean. Still to this day the game remains on lists of best video games ever created. Expect more BioShock film new soon……


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