Here’s a chance to watch, ‘The Neolith’ for free….and we speak to director & cast too!


Now we never do this but bought to our attention was a short film called ‘The Neolith’ written and directed by Daniel Boocock. With a group of grunting dishevelled men grunting and fighting amongst themselves unable to string a sentence together as they staggered towards a makeshift home. At first, we thought it was the latest contestants in a new series of Big Brother but The Neolith is far better set amidst a beautiful and unforgiving landscape in an unknowable time and place where  a mysterious individual takes action against a pack of bloodthirsty outsiders whose thirst for dominance is thriving, with brutal and bloody consequences…

Watch ' The Neolith ' for free -and we speak to director & cast too!

A bold, innovative and visually stunning short work, The Neolith recalls the fantastic realism and epic scope of Vikings and Game of Thrones while remaining entirely unique in its storytelling and style. Combining aspects of mysticism, Jungian theories of the shadow self and Gnosticism, the film defies interpretation leaving powerfully raw and violent images that linger in the mind.

Watch ' The Neolith ' for free -and we speak to director & cast too!

The Neolith is well worth a look with stunning photographed landscapes in the bleak isle of Skye where this was shot and great performances in what are challenging roles to perform in an equally challenging physical and unforgiving terrain. We have been fortunate enough to speak to director Daniel Boocock  as well as cast members  Dan Kratfeldt and Jak Corrie about the making of the film in what looked like a far from easy location to shoot a film and get such stunning results. On the basis of what we have seen in The Neolith we are really keen to see what director Boocock comes up with next as there’s talent a plenty here!

Here’s our interview with director and cast of The Neolith …..with a few unexpected  technical problems!

And you can watch the short film for free HERE ……


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