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Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

When you’re taking advice and life lessons from a talking bird that you think is a psychiatrist its probably time you really did get...

Skyfire – BLU-RAY / DVD

Our Editor, never the most savvy at business investments, ploughed money into a hotel franchise only to find that the first one was being...

Hotel Mumbai – REVIEW

We’ve stayed in some pretty ropey hotels in our time none more so than the one we stayed in for a press junket some...

Look Away – VoD

Greek mythology has it that the Gorgon was so hideous a hag that her looks could turn you to stone so you had to...

A Cure for Wellness…….

We know very little about this film except that it's directed by Gore Verbinski and stars Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs. Apparently...

A comedy called The Death of Stalin……?

Death dealing dictator Stalin is not the most obvious candidate for a comedy but the graphic novel The Death of Stalin by Fabien Nury...