Ticket to Paradise – REVIEW


The 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games were a big success with much of it due to the campaign slogan, ‘Birmingham: With regular trains to London’ ….but we digress because the Ticket to Paradise here is that which finds bitterly divorced and still warring parents David (George Clooney) and Georgia  (Julia Roberts) arriving in Bali where their only daughter Kimberley (Arielle Carver O’Neill) has had a whirlwind romance with a local seaweed fisherman Gede (Maxime Bouttier) and are about to get married. It’s hardly the stuff of dreams for any parent seeing their newly graduated about to be a lawyer daughter throwing it all away for new found love and for once her parents agree on something : to make sure their daughter doesn’t get married.

So the parents, putting their differences aside unite in a number of ploys, (hiding the wedding rings etc) in a bid to make sure the wedding never happens. But as they carry out their mostly ineffective plans the pair find that rather putting a stick in the spokes of the wedding plans it serves to reignite their own flame of love for each other even when Georgia’s fiancé Paul an airline pilot surprise arrival. Whether they David and Georgia can rekindle their love might be derailed when Paul intends to propose

Roberts and Clooney are real life friends and it’s easy to see the attraction of the film which they both share an executive producer credit and they’re an engaging embittered on screen couple not missing any opportunity to make quips at each other’s expense.  But it’s Lucas Bravo as Roberts onscreen fiancé Paul who steals many of the too few scenes he is in as the loved up airline pilot in what is a pedestrian rom-com where right from the offset you know exactly how this will end.

Here’s the Ticket to Paradise trailer…..


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