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We’ve all got our views on the Alien film franchise and whilst the original and Aliens are revered the following films far less so even with Ridley Scott back to helm Prometheus and Covenant. But whilst that last film seemed to be the death knell of the franchise especially when Disney bought 20th Century Fox there’s now renewed talk of what would be Alien 7 is director Fede Alvarez has has anything to say about it.

Alvarez has pedigree with horror classics having made his feature debut with the Evil Dead remake and most recently sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (for Netflix) it seems that Alien 7 will be a stand alone film which he will both write and direct 20th Century Studios. Ridley Scott will produce via his Scott Free banner. The Alien 7 project is intended to be made for Hulu as part of 20th Century’s ambitions to make more than 10 movies a year for the Disney-operated streaming service.

Alvarez is rumoured to be a huge fane of the films and pitched his take on a new film to Scott some years ago and Scott is said to have rung him last year to ask him if he was still interested in it. 20th Century picked up the project “purely off the strength of Fede’s pitch,” said division president Steve Asbell. “It was just a really good story with a bunch of characters you haven’t seen before.”

Expect more news to break over the coming months …..

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